My Best Bud 1:1 CBD Pet Medicine

"My Best Bud" 1:1

Lab-tested, Whole plant, pesticide-free, alcohol-free, non-gmo

60mg CBD + 60mg THC per container

CBD Medicine for your pets!

Specially selected human grade cannabis products formulated for animal receptors

My Best Bud products are made with a patent pending process using proprietary blend of human/pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids & cannabis terpenes. Formulated by veterinarians, specifically for animal receptors, with a goal of safety and efficacy to deliver RELIEF not A HIGH. The results are products which are LAB TESTED to be free of Solvents, toxins, additives, preservatives and are alcohol and pesticide free.

Maximize - The full spectrum entourage effect

Optimize - The Relief

Minimize - The chance of intoxication

May help Relieve:

Arthritis, Pain From Cancer, Neurologic Disease, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, GI problems, Digestive issues, Quality of life, Anxiety, Spinal or brain trauma, Glaucoma, Inflammation


Ingredients: 100% Organic, MCT Coconut Oil, Whole/Plant Full Sepctrum Cannabis Proprietary Cannabis Blend, Cannabis Terpenes

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