Farm Stories

Growing in the Wind

Linnet Lockhart, Michelle Peñaloza and Alex Cummings are Ventoso Farms, working side-by-side growing big, beautiful plants in the windy wilds of Covelo.

I entered the industry in the ‘80’s in Sonoma County, doing a closet indoor grow thing. I didn’t know the difference between male and female plants, so my first grow wasn’t too successful,” Linnet, says, with a laugh.

From Guerilla Growing to Growing a Business

Heather Haglund, her partner Steve and their sons have a long, local history with cannabis, and the traditions that were borne out of decades of family farming have come to fruition with the successful growth of their business.

Located north of Willits, the family purchased their property in 2004, but their cannabis roots go back decades.

I’ve been growing cannabis since I was nine years old, which was in 1979,” smiles Steve, a legacy cultivator who grew in Southern Humboldt County.

From the Wilds of Big Sur to the Wilds of Covelo

The story of T. Rex Holdings begins thousands of miles and an ocean away from Mendocino County, in Great Britain.

“I’m a second-generation farmer,” explains Torre Stromberger. “My mother, Sula is from England. She left England in her early ‘20’s and drove through California in a school bus. She found herself in Big Sur, fell in love and bought a piece of property there with what little means she had. I was born and raised on that property.”

A Boy Scout Who Grows More than Cookies

Betty and Tim Stranske are as local as you can get. Betty was born in Willits. Tim moved to town in 1963.

We grew up together,” Betty explains. “We went to the same elementary school. Tim was the meanest marble player in class. He always went home with all my favorite marbles,” she laughs.

My brother dated a girl who lived next door to Tim, and we would visit as kids, but we eventually went our separate ways in high school.”

Women Farmers Bring Spirit and Ethics to the Garden

Five years ago, Rayna Grace Matthews and her wife, Kara Crockett, moved to Potter Valley to take over the cannabis farm and property purchased by Rayna’s parents in 2005. 

Walking through their compact and blessedly flat garden east of Potter Valley, it is easy to see why Rayna’s family was attracted to this location.

The “Root” Cause

David Silverstone is quick to explain that the name of his farm is not just because of his family name.

We’re Laytonville. We’re Staying

Mary Polson’s dad, Bob Larson built the home she lives in. 

“My family bought this land in the ‘70’s after first buying land in Laytonville in 1964,” Mary explains. Today, Mary and her family share in the operation of the family’s cannabis farm. 

“I’m from Laytonville, but I wasn’t raised in cannabis.  I fell in love with a mountain man from Spy Rock.  They were so opposite from my family. When we got together, a whole, different hippie energy came into my life,” she smiles. 

In the Greenhouse, Under the Sun

Elexa, Jake and Derek are Redwood Remedies- a full-scale, year-round cannabis greenhouse operation nestled in the foothills of Redwood Valley.

Founded in 2013, the three families came together as one- in part to create a wholesome, work-life balance that would support the raising of their children while building a superior cannabis brand.

Five Generations of Farming

Not very many cannabis farms can boast an authentic “cheese closet” upon entering their house, but for Shawn Ciapusci and his family, cannabis is the latest addition to five generations of family farming.

Carrying On Tradition

Tucked away behind a locked gate, just a short jaunt from downtown Ukiah, Perrin Family Farm is an award-winning cannabis farm that embodies the spirit, grit and heart of the Mendocino County Cannabis community.