About half our customers are experimenting with cannabis for the first time or returning to
cannabis after a hiatus. Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to feel
comfortable with your purchase. Our knowledgeable, attentive staff strives to sample every
product we offer. Whether you are interested in cannabis for medical or recreational use, we are
happy to help you find the products best suited to your needs.

We pride ourselves on supporting cannabis farmers and manufacturers who are committed to
providing superior products that will serve medical and recreational consumers. Our distribution
license enables us to eliminate the middleman, allowing us to offer unique products at
affordable prices. We make every effort to align ourselves with like-minded partners- people
who share our belief that cannabis is a gateway- a green gateway to wellness and happiness.
Feel free to phone us to inquire about our latest, ever-changing inventory.

As distributors, we source farm-direct products from licensed growers- farmers who share our
values of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Russell’s long history as a farmer
ensures that our flowers meet his peerless standards for taste, terpene profiles and all the
effects you are seeking from premium flowers grown in the heart of the Emerald Triangle.
Russell says: “Flowers are our highest seller, so we do everything we can to provide customers
with a mix of the best of what our region has to offer.”.
Some of our favorite strains we’re currently offering include:
Urkle Berry, Purple Tangie, Key Lime Pie, Critical Kush, Chem Dawg, Cherry Chem, San
Fernando Valley OG,
Blue Dream Light Dep. We carry flowers by our Mendocino County friends at Castle Rock
Canna Farms, Sticky Fields, Flow Kana and many other farms including our Humboldt friends at
Kiskanu Farms and Scarlet Fire Farms.

From wax to shatter to live resin, concentrates have taken the cannabis world by storm. Those
new to cannabis should feel free to ask questions about how to enjoy concentrates. We sell a
variety of glass and other smoking devices that will provide an excellent delivery system for your
smoking experience
Beezle Extracts is known for their award-winning live and cured resins, using plants sourced
from sustainable Northern California farms. Rebel Grown calls themselves Rebels for a reason.
Like Russell, the folks at Rebel spent years growing excellent plants in Southern Humboldt,
creating first-rate cannabis genetics and products. Skunk Feather Concentrates Is a northern-
California-based company that produces high-THC, solventless products.

Convenience married to effectiveness. Cartridges are the go-to product for those seeking the
experience of concentrates in a discreet, portable delivery system. We are continually updating
our inventory of cartridge suppliers and are committed to providing you with the highest quality
cartridges, free of unsafe ingredients like fillers or propylene glycol. We are proud to partner with
Bloom Farms, who donates a healthy meal for every cartridge or product sold. Check out the
excellent cartridges by Rove and Kingpen.

Today’s cannabis consumer knows that edibles can be both tasty and effective! For those using
edibles to enhance wellness, Kure offers a variety of modalities to suit your taste and your diet.
We offer health-conscious vegan and CBD-rich products, as well as delectable chocolates and
treats prepared by some of most respected cannabis bakeries in the state. More suppliers
continue to enter the regulated market. Check back often for new offerings. Here’s just a few of
our favorite edibles:

We are honored to work with Satori, a company with a conscience. During the 2017
wildfires that decimated Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, CannaCraft, Satori’s parent
company lost a significant portion of their operation to the fire. Some employees lost
homes and others were displaced for a long period of time. But Satori understood what
community means, donating 12,000 square feet of their office space for the American
Red Cross’s Regional Headquarters for Northern California fire relief. Enjoy our many
offerings from Satori, including their blueberries in dark chocolate.
GummiCares pairs the enjoyable flavors of a Gummy candy with your choice of Indica,
Sativa or CBD-rich edibles to help you thoughtfully adjust your attitude! Lulu’s
Botanicals, a woman-owned company create excellent raw, vegan chocolate products
that don’t skimp on flavor, some with herbal formulations to enhance your experience.
Higherveda uses Ayurvedic principles to create wheat-free superfoods, with a
commitment to the use of organic products to promote energy, relaxation and mental

More people are looking to beverages as a convenient way to maintain a steady
cannabinoid level throughout the day. Others appreciate the ability to titrate their dosage
by sipping, as opposed to smoking.
Waska’s gluten-free, Mendocino County-sourced cannabis-infused hemp milk is made
by infusing raw, fresh cannabis flowers.Pick up two bottles and freeze one for future use.
Manzanita and Madrone offers a delightful way to enjoy a fizzy, THC-infused beverage
on a blazing summer day.

More and more people are enjoying the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. The folks at
Yerba Canna, Big Medicine and Leef Organics each create unique herbal balms and blends
designed to help relieve pain, soothe skin and warm even the coldest heart.

Humboldt Harvest is one of our favorite manufacturers of tinctures, available in several CBD-to-
THC ranges. Another women-created company, it’s great to see a business that started in
Humboldt County grow and provide their excellent products statewide.
Kin Slips Are our new favorite! A pleasantly flavored sublingual strip melts in seconds, bringing
happiness to you in mere minutes. For the non-smoker, this ultra-discreet product is a fabulous
way to get medicated.
Many people who want to avail themselves of cannabis therapy feel better started out with
products with low-or-no THC. CBD, or cannabidiol is one of hundreds of other cannabinoids
present in the cannabis plant, Cannabinoids may address a host of medical concerns including
inflammation, pain and nausea. CBD-rich products are a wonderful way to receive some of the
benefits of cannabis without the “high” effects. We always have a supply of CBD-rich products
at Kure.
Mis Mary Jane’s Edibles produces a wide array of edibles including a great CBD Drink Mix. The
company was born when Mary Jane sought a way to help her husband- a military contractor
struggling with PTSD. Today, they support veterans by donating one edible for every one sold
through Tactical Patients- a non-profit serving the veterans community. Bhang creates a
multitude of excellent edibles, but we’re partial to their CBD-rich Hemp Oil chewing gum. We are
currently offering Harley Tsu high-CBD flowers
With legalization comes the ability for many residents to grow their own plants. Kure has an
outstanding array of starts and larger plants, ready to grow! Staff are happy to give first-time
gardeners a few how-to tips to get you started in the world of “growing your own.” We carry an
ever-changing assortment of seeds from Rebel Grown, Equilibrium Genetics and the Humboldt
Seed Company. Call us for a list of available clones.