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Russell Green, owner of Kure Wellness is a third-generation, “home-grown” Mendocino County native.
“My grandparents grew back in the day, and I figured out my mom was growing when I was about 12,”
he smiles.

A youthful entrepreneur, Russell’s relationship with cannabis began humbly. “I had my own vending
machine business at my dad’s tire shop. As a kid, I tried to pop seeds with an incandescent light under
my bed. Not surprisingly, it didn’t go well,” he smiles.
Cannabis was commonplace for kids raised in “Mendo.”
“We never bought weed, because someone’s parents were always growing. At college, students were
paying for cannabis I got for free. I realized the significance of living in the heart of cannabis country.
This was an industry I wanted to be a part of.”
Russell returned home. “My grandma sold me one of her properties. My first grow room was an old,
beater mobile home. Back then, we could grow 25 plants per parcel. When I stretched my plant count to
50, I thought I was a big guy!”
He learned by associating with fellow farmers. “I attended the school of hard knocks. You did everything
yourself. I became my own genetics expert, contractor, marketing rep and irrigation specialist.”
The rest is history. Russell became a celebrated farmer, developing top-shelf, A-grade strains including
LA Confidential, which he replicated years ago from a live cut taken off a flowered bud. An early
proponent for regulation, Russell kept his operations small, working within Mendocino County’s legal
framework. After ten years, he took his passion to the next level.
“I studied the market and the legalization landscape, opening Kure in 2015. We provide patients and
customers with superior products from like-minded local farmers and producers. I believe all cannabis is
medical, and I’m honored to create opportunities for healing and recreation for our Kure Wellness
friends and family.”