Humboldt Seed Co. Sweet Annie 1:1

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Humboldt Seed Co

Sweet Annie 1:1

Sweet Annie Lebanese x Willy G's Lebanese

Effects: Sativa (40% Indica/60% Sativa) 

  • Nice Cannabis Entourage Effect
  • Sugars & Lime Flavor

Flowering Time: 50 Days, September 20- October 5

A landrace Sativa and terpene queen met in Humboldt for a frolic in the garden and created this uniquely medicinal 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. An easy plant to grow, this branching bush of well balanced cannabinoids (also rich in terpenes) will have you wondering what it isn't good for!.Wonderful for topicals and other kinds of extraction or any possible delivery method. It's also a great beginner smoke and the effects are very relaxing but functional. Only suggested for outdoor growing; not food for light deprivation. A solid way for a farm to stand out from the crowd and wonderful for the backyard herbalist looking to enjoy a plethora of medicinal uses from this cannabis plant.