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Magic Melon

Genetics: Magic Melon x Mango Sherbet x Honeydew Melon

Flavor Profile: Sweet cantalope x Watermelon x Honeydew

Flowering Time: 50 days, Sep20 - Oct 5

Sativa (40% Indica/ 60% Sativa) | Uncanny Melon Flavors | Potent & Intense, may be sedating

Humboldt Seed Co tossed aorund naughty names for these gorgeous melons before settling on tame alliteration. It's uncanny how the buds smell like luscious honeydew or cantalope. Be ready to feel the magic when you take a Magic Melon Toke; it hits hard and may bring out your inner philosopher. Large and productive plants. The entourage effects of the cannabinoids may have the potiential to cure whatever ails you. Another variety to grab quickly as supplies are limited