Humboldt Seed Co. Blood Orange Amethyst

Blood Orange Amethyst

Genetics: Blueberry Muffin x Purple Panty Dropper

Flavor Profile: Orange, Cinnamon, Skunk

Flowering Time: 55 days, sep 25 - Oct 10

Indica 70%/ 30% Sativa | A hardy plant, resistant to mold and mildew. | Pungent & unique smell, a deep purple at harvest. | Rich, sweet & smooth taste with uplifting effects

So purple you can't believe your eyes. This stabilized cross of Blueberry muffin & purple panty dropper produces absolutely monstrous heavily branching plants, with uniform buds. A true connoisseur strain possessing a pungent unique smell of grapefruit with the taste to match. This plant takes purple to a whole new level. Amethyst's unqiue Blood Orange flavor comes in part from its high production of Limonene, a reported uplifting likely cancer fighting.

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