Half Lit Lemonade 10mg Sucker

Half Lit - Lit Lemonade

Cannabis infused All Natural Lollipop ( Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Soy free, Nut free,  No Artificial dyes, GMO free)

"Plant Stick, Add Water, Grow Cannabis"

Half Lit is a gourmet line of cannabis confections, made with the finest ingredients from seed to sucker. Our commitment to quality ingredients is our utmost priority in an industry where health and wellness is paramount. Our name is a gentle nod to the moon above when half of its shape dares to light up the sky, Our stick, an invention that allows for a cannabis seed to grow with love from water and light from above.

Grow Cannabis: Source all natural soil and a container of your choice. Add 30% perlite and 10% vermiculite to loosen heavy soil. Plant your stick HORIZONTALLY. Allow 11 days for germination, 1-3 months for vegetation, and 2-3 months for flowering. Seed growth is not a guarantee, but a quest.

Ingredients: CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil*, Pure Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar*, Corn Syrup Solid*, Spring Water, Lemonade flavoring*, Blueberry flavoring*. * All Natural/GMO Free

Consumption Instructions: Consume 1 serving - 1 lollipop - and wait a minimum of 2 hours before consuming another serving.

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