Grahams Brand Evergreen Queen 1/8th

"Grahams Brand produce indoor hydroponic flowers and single sourced extracts for the discerning connoisseurs of the California cannabis market. Our award winning flowers are grown in their newly constructed state of the art cultivation facility that utilizes 100% green energy. The farm is located in the heart of downtown Eureka along the historic 101 Highway.


Evergreen Queen is the classic upbeat strain that is known to produce agile thinking and mental momentum . Traditionally used to treat ADHD and anxiety Everqueen Queen has now become popular with all cannabis users who need to be on point and focus. For those longs days and even longer nights where being less than 100% is not an option look no further than the Evergreen Queen . 

80/20 Indica Dominant

Flavor Profile: Sweet Citrus, Mango, Papaya



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