E.Q. Aj's Lemon Glue Seeds

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AJ's Lemon Glue (Sativa Dominant)

Sour lemon and gas aroma

Flower time: 10 weeks/2nd week of Oct

Lineage: Aj's sour diesel x Lemon Glue

Aj's Lemon Glue is a denser cutting of Sour Diesel, a high yielding sativa dominant hybrid finishing in mid to late october. Buds smell of sour gas similar to Chemdog.

Lemon Glue is a cross of Lemon Tree & Glue 75% (G.Glue #4 x Gorilla Princess) The Lemon Glue is tall and stretchy. Plants produce large colas with medium bud density. resin is heavy and aromas range from heavy has to sweet lemon/gas mixture

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