Kanha Nano Galactic Grape

Enhanced Nanomolecular Gummies

Cannabis Infused Galactic Indica Gummies

10 Pieces x 10mg THC per piece, 100mg THC per package

Fast Acting, Hard Hitting, Gluten Free

Kanha NAno utilizes nanomolcular technology to create the first fast acting gummies in the industry. Kanha takes their award winning, great tasting Kanha gummies and infuse them with cannabinoid particles that are smaller than a wavelength of light, which increases the bio-availability. Meaning there is no need to wait for the effect! Go ahead and take the joyful journey with Kanha Nano

Instructions: Eat 1-3 gummies. Onset of effects should start around 15 minutes. Wait 60 minutes for full dose absorption.

Ingredients: Agar, Carob, gelatin, glucose, cane sugar, glycerin, citric acid, cannabis oil, natural terpenes, Nanotech colloid (Medium chain triglycerides, non-ionic surfactant, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids), natural coloring and flavor.

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